I am so excited about your podcast! You do things with such beauty and excellence.

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My word is peace. Because He has saturated me in His peace and He is promising that it will continue & He has confirmed it over & over. The word chose me in ways only God could have made clear.

Started morning pages today. Was resisting the artist way until once again, God kept putting it in front of me so I’m here for it.

My main intention is to ask Jesus for clarity every day as to the tasks that need to get done. And the other is asking Him to abruptly interrupt any conversation in my head that is not really happening and for Him to give me good and true words for real conversations with real people when they do happen. I’m weary of the made up dialogue. I’m excited about 2023 because I’ve left a couple very heavy bags in 2022 and will not pick those up again. He has freed me from them and I’m loving this freedom.

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